Instructions for Using Self Hypnosis

Using any of our programs is simple to follow. By adhering to the below guidelines you will give yourself the best possible chance of achieving the results you desire.

Listening Frequency and Program Instructions

1. Use at least one CD or MP3 title per day

2. On the 7th day, have a break and do not use any CD or MP3 titles

3. Repeat this 6 days on - 1 day off routine for at least 8 weeks

The best time to use any particular title is just before you go to sleep of a night time or during the day when you 60-80 minutes of quiet time. Most people just fall asleep within a few minutes of using the programs and this is fine. Actually it is beneficial to fall asleep as this is when your subconscious mind is at it's most receptive, allowing the programs to work even better.

You can listen to the programs through headphones or a stereo system at a volume that you are comfortable with. It is fine to transfer the CDs to MP3s and vice versa.

Using Multiple Titles

It is fine to use up to THREE different titles in the same 8 week period. Simply alternate equally between them on a daily basis or even use multiple titles with the same day. Just always leave the 7th day for a break.

You can not overuse any of my programs and many people even report back that they have fast tracked their results by leaving the CD or MP3 play on repeat over night. This is not guaranteed to produce quicker results but if you are comfortable doing so, it can be of some benefit.

Important Warnings

Do not use any of my Self Hypnosis CDs or MP3, or any other hypnosis product for that matter, in the following circumstances:

1. Whilst partaking in anything that requires your due attention for safety's sake such as driving a moving vehicle or operating heavy machinery.

2. If you suffer from a serious mental condition such as Bi Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder or any other significant mental health condition. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE DEPRESSION.

3. Never stop using any medication or prescriptions for any disease, illness or condition you may experience.


1. Drink a glass or two of water before using the programs. Mild dehydration can be a side effect when experiencing hypnosis and undergoing emotional, mental and physical change.

2. Visualize in your mind what you want to look, feel or act like from using the program each and every time before you listen. This will allow you to consciously present an end result or picture that can be reinforced subconsciously throughout the session.

3. Try to switch off and just flow with the experience. Every person is different and different elements will appear more profoundly to different personality types.

Important Note: These are obviously not 'run of the mill' hypnosis programs. More commonly hypnotherapy is used for stress, weight loss, quitting smoking etc. What we are dealing with here are complex physical transitions. In saying this it may be necessary to prolong the use of some of the programs for longer then the 8 week period, especially in regards to the Breast Enlargement title. If you do not see results after 8 weeks - please continue use for up to another 4 or 5 weeks.