Free Audio Sample

This 18 minute hypnosis session is designed to help you relax, relieve stress, switch off, and experience what all of the Adults Only Hypnosis series of MP3s sound like. The same audio format is on all of the recordings on this site - a unique combination of Giovanni's soothing voice, binaural beats and relaxing music. If you enjoy this free sample, you may be interested in our other hypnosis MP3s here.

For best results please listen through headphones to get the maximum effects from the binaural beats and the overall stereo effect on this recording

Level 1:
Spoken Hypnosis
Giovanni helping guide you into trance & introducing new patterns.
Level 2:
Brainwave Entrainment
Binaural frequencies, stereo bells & background music to slow brainwaves & promote deep trance
Level 3:
Subliminal Messages
Positive short statements recorded at a consciously inaudible volume to reinforce change