What is Mesmerism & How is it Different to Hypnosis?

Dr Marco doing Mesmerism

Mesmerism is not the same as 'modern hypnosis'. It has certain similarities to 'traditional hypnosis' techniques, but is not hypnosis in the true sense of the word. Originally developed by Franz Anton Mesmer in the late 1700's (this is where the word 'mesmerism comes from), Mesmerism is about the transfer of energy between the Mesmerist and client to instate a special trance state. In doing this it is possible for the Mesmerist to use energy as a means of healing or to reconcile issues within the client. Anton Mesmer referred to this as 'Animal Magnetism' and that it happened through the transference of 'ethereal fluid'. Today these same principles are applied to a multitude of other disciplines based on Mesmer's methods including energy healing, reiki and even kinesiology.

My Experiences with Mesmerism

In 2011 I trained with the famous Italian Mesmerist Dr Marco Paret, completing his 'Magnetista Emeritus' course in Melbourne. In fact, because Italian is my second language, I was responsible for a lot of the translating for him. Learning direct from a man is known worldwide as the most prominent Mesmerist still alive was a remarkable experience. We learnt about the true Mesmerism techniques as well as fascination, traditional hypnosis and elements of NLP that are all taught by Dr Marco.

True Mesmerism is all about energy transference. It is about all the things we can not see but still affect our consciousness. Mesmerism is like hypnotizing someone without even talking. The effects it can have on people I have seen first hand are absolutely outstanding. We also learnt about how to apply the principles of Mesmerism to our own consciousness. By undertaking certain presence exercises and awareness routines, I was able to apply it to my own personal life too.

Since learning I have started incorporating elements of Mesmerism into my private hypnotherapy sessions with clients. By combining it with modern hypnosis I have found the results to be amplified and happen much more quickly. It also helps instill the client into a much deeper and more instant state of trance.

Differences Between Mesmerism & Modern Hypnosis

Mesmerism Modern Hypnosis
1. Uses little or no words to promote the trance state 1. Relies almost entirely on words & sound to instate trance
2. Uses 'passes (stroking the energy field) to bring change patterns in the client 2. Uses spoken direct suggestion aimed at the subconscious to change patterns
3. Has its roots in 'traditional hypnosis' as practiced by the ancient cultures such as Egypt 3. Derived from Mesmerism but evolved into Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP based speech therapies, dis-empowering the discipline

In my own personal experiences I must admit that Mesmerism has so many different applications it can be useful for. From reconciling emotional issues to helping instigate physical changes, I am starting to see results with my personal clients much quicker now that I am using it with hypnosis. With respect to the 'adult' issues that I specialize in on this website, it has the potential to even further push the boundaries of of the Mind Body connection.

If you would like to experience Mesmerism in Brisbane with me please contact me to arrange an appointment.

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