What is hypnosis & can it help?

Man getting hypnotized

1. Of course hypnosis works. I have seen it help people thousands of times from my own personal experiences and it is also officially supported by thousands of official scientific research papers. Just Google "hypnosis research" for yourself and you will find more then 100 000 page results appear.

2. Stage or 'show' hypnotists, although on the most part are phenomenal hypnotists in inducing trance and what you usually see is completely 'real', are normally not concerned with using hypnosis to proactively improve people's lives, rather to use it for entertainment purposes only.

The difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy is that hypnosis is purely a state of mind under trance whereas 'hypnotherapy' is using that state of mind for therapeutic purposes.

This causes much conjecture among academics and the population in general. I would like to go on the record saying that although I respect the abilities of the stage hypnotists, that I believe in using hypnosis and the state of trance for more positive purposes. In particular, after seeing hypnosis simply used for more commonly requested purposes such as weight loss or to quit smoking, that I have always been curious to see what else it could be used for. This is the essence of why I created the range of CDs and MP3s on this site for sexual, performance and physical purposes. Other hypnotists have come before me with this same purpose, many of which have brought disrespect and repute to the industry, but I believe they have only 'touched the tip of an iceberg'.

In saying this, when I first decided to explore these 'hypnotic' possibilities in regards to sexual performance and the like, that I only did so for non-profit and academic purposes. It truly was not until after I saw the significant positive results that people were experiencing that I decided to release for sale a special range of CDs and MP3.s A lot of people were originally skeptical of this, but it fundamentally drove me to further reduce the prices that you now see for each of my CDs or MP3s for sale on this site, to ensure that I could see more results.

By any means I am not saying that I do not want to see money from what I am focused on doing, but I would honestly rather see results and prove what has long considered 'un-achievable' from this line of work then become 'rich' from doing it. If I did I would charge the ridiculous prices that other hypnotherapists do for this same line of product. Please - if you purchase any of my products and achieve success, or for that matter do not notice any changes - let me know why or how you think this may have happened.

The only way to positively refine what we do is to acknowledge the feedback from those who have come into contact with what we do - and for this reason I want to hear back from as many people who have used my CDs or MP3s to further what it is that I aim to do.