The States of Mind

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Conscious Mind: This is the analytical and critical part of our mind that governs our awareness or consciousness at any point in time. It is the final point of process for most decisions, actions or reactions in our daily life which we are aware that we are making them.

Subconscious Mind: This is the 'deeper' part of the mind that is responsible for processing thousands of things at any one time and for storing everything we have experienced in our lives to some degree. It sort of runs on 'Auto Pilot' without us being conscious it is doing so much like the hard drive of a computer

Within these there are 4 main classification of State of Mind (brainwave resonance):

1. Beta: This is where our mind operates in daily normal life. In such state we have full conscious awareness and attention and usually only one side of brain is operating. Beta is usually typified by brainwave cycles of 15 to 40 Hz (cycles per second) Higher cycles of Beta Frequency usually equate to stress, anxiety and 'over thinking' as the conscious mind becomes misguided or reacts negatively to a given situation. Most of modern psychology is performed whilst the client is in Beta and this is where hypnosis is different.

2. Alpha: A mild daydream or light relaxation state. Alpha is sort of like when you are driving a car and just cruising around or when you get captivated into a good book. Meditation is usually aimed at achieving Alpha and the brain operates in cycles between 9Hz & 14Hz. Alpha is typified by partial conscious awareness and partial subconscious predominance also. It is useful to absorb information when in Alpha and is considered to be highly desirable for more effective studying.

3. Theta: Deep relaxation where the conscious mind is, on the most part, 'switched off' and the subconscious mind is left to flourish. This is usually typified by sleep, dreaming, very deep relaxation and is where most hypnotists aim at taking their clients down to. Theta shows the brainwave cycles operating at 5hz to 8hz. Theta is where ideas, visualizations and suggestion are more likely to enter the subconscious mind and consciously we become less aware of what is going on around us.

4. Delta: Extremely deep relaxation/sleep with complete subconscious operation. Delta is experienced in the deepest of sleeps and is interesting because it is proven that the physical body begins to recuperate and recover at a heightened level. You can be in waking delta if you are in an advanced state of meditation. This state is associated with 'kundalini' experiences. Delta is typified by slow brainwaves at 1Hz - 4Hz. In many of the more physically orientated of my self hypnosis recordings, I specifically try to take the listener down into delta to communicate with the deeper unconscious mind to begin the cellular physical process of change. This is important I think when trying to achieve definitive physical change int he body.

Hypnosis is a very powerful way to take the mind of the client or listener into the different levels of consciousness. The spoken voice using professional hypnotic deepenings, inductions and confusion techniques is able to artificially induce lowered brain wave frequency. The special music and audio frequencies contained in the background of all of my CDs and MP3s also contains special audio to further this transition. For example throughout most of the audios is a theta rhythm which operates at the same musical frequency (5Hz-8Hz) as the brainwave frequency when in this state of mind. This means that the transition from Beta to Theta when using my products is all the more powerful and perfect to assist people who find it hard to be hypnotized.

In some of my recordings I have also included a Delta rhythm to induce the brain to go down even further towards the end of the recording. The point of this is to bring about that very special state when physical change can occur. This audio technique of a smooth transition from Theta to Delta Rhythm is not used in any other self hypnosis recording that I know of at the time I published this article. Reaching Delta is not dangerous or scary - in fact we enter into Delta most nights for a a few hours when we sleep. What it does is maximize the effect of the spoken suggestions on the mind body connection.

So as you can see the different frequencies at which our brains naturally operate can not only be artificially induced for positive results but can also be directly targeted to produce more specific changes in shorter times. If you are interested in hypnotizing yourself and taking advantage of self visualization or more effective affirmations then you can use this knowledge and apply it your own self improvement processes. Armed with this knowledge you can make more of a conscious effort to understand where your mind is at any point in time and to control it to your advantage. This is very powerful stuff if you can master it correctly, but for the meantime if you are just beginning then my self hypnosis CDs or MP3s will help you begin to make some changes and learn more about how your mind works.