Releasing Past Hurts to Move Forward in Relationships

Happy couple

The beginning of most relationships starts with a lot of blindness and wrong intentions. What I mean by this is that the stepping stones of engagement, having the need to have someone in one's life, and/or the idea of love; with this comes the wrong stepping stones to the success of the relationship. Once the honeymoon period draws to its close because it is not a true reflection of a long term relationship, is when the insecurities will normally cause one person trying to change the other, instead of accepting the person for who they are, and growing together as a team. Still having our own differences and still accepting and understanding these differences through the communication of clarifying are what is important. Through the wrong eyes and emotions, we see what it want to see instead of what is… we feel ,what we truly would desire instead of knowing and listening to, what we knew at the beginning, until these lessons are learnt, we will keep on, keeping on the circle of our life.

Knowing people is 'intelligence'; knowing ourselves is 'true wisdom', It always starts with us. Only once we know who we are as an individual, only then will we attract our true soul mate. This can only achieved by becoming and 'being' what we want to attract ourselves. Most of us think we have released the pains of past hurts with ex-lovers, even those from a friend a family member. Without us realising in our deepest parts of the subconscious, these hurts, sit in the background having an effect on our new relationships, sexually, emotionally and physically. By facing these inner hurts with truth and understanding, this will allow us to move forward with a greater awareness instead of replaying our past.

It is with thinking about all of this that i was inspired to create the After the Breakup MP3 - and in the script I put some techniques that help relaise this, understand it, and move beyond. I hope you enjoy...