The Mind Body Connection & the Influence of Hypnotherapy


Essentially, this is as the name suggests, the mind-body connection is the connection between your mind and body. So how does this work... ?

The Role of the Unconscious Mind Regulating Physical Systems

Firstly there is much more to the human mind then what most of us realize - you can find out more in a previous blog I did here about How the Mind Works. For the mind-body connection, this happens mostly at what we call the unconscious (also referred as the subconscious). It is at this level that our mind is responsible for automating things like breathing, regulating the immune system, sending signals to parts of the body that have been injured to assist recovery (wounds, scabs etc.) and literally thousands of other processes. This all happens at a level that we do not consciously recognize most of the time. Quite literally it is like a super computer, monitoring, regulating, administering and taking ultimate responsible for the tens of thousands of things that are happening in your body.

If we were conscious of everything happening at the unconscious level at any point in time, we would literally blow a fuse! We simply could not handle the complexity and amount of processes that happen at any single point in time.

The Connection Between the Conscious - Subconscious - Unconscious

People differ on the classification of the 'components' of the mind. For purposes of this blog and my own categorization here are the roles:

Conscious - everything we know is happening at any point time

Subconscious - where patterns, habit, experiences influence what we consciously act upon

Unconscious - where physical regulation and automated responses to physical variables happen

So what happens is that each part of the mind is influenced by the other parts. For example - our conscious actions are influenced by the subconscious patterns that affect our choices we make. Extended occurrence of stress that we consciously bring about, affects us unconsciously to the point where we develop things like stomach ulcers, reduction in immunity and illness as result of that stress. When we dream of a night time our subconscious finds ways of solving problems that we have and implements these on a conscious basis the next day. The list goes on.

The Big Question...

Can we consciously influence the unconscious parts of the mind responsible for physical regulation and response?

Based upon what I have seen many times with my clients, and backed up with many progressive scientific and medical trials - YES! Looking at the mind as one whole system, it is evident that what happens in one part of that system will affect the other parts - especially if you look at this over large lengths of time. Most of the time our conscious patterns developed in response to our environment, decisions, and upbringing, has a huge affect on the way our mind-body connection automatically responds to certain things. Based on this, I believe therefore, that if this ability is present, that by our own conscious actions that we can have the same affect upon influencing the unconscious parts of our mind at deeper levels. This influence, I believe, is entirely dependent to how we choose to use it or manipulate it.

The Placebo Effect

Probably one of the best examples of the mind-body connection is the Placebo Effect. Still used by virtually every single scientific or medical experiment as the control mechanism, the placebo effect is very interesting. In almost all of the experiments, the placebo has shown to have some sort of influence on the subjects who have been issued it. How does this happen... ? Well it is simply another example of the connection between the mind and body and what is termed 'psychosomatic'. With no physical properties whatsoever, the placebos demonstrate an effect upon the body simply through the power of thought.

Use of Hypnosis to Influence the Mind Body Connection

Unlike the Placebo Effect, hypnotherapy is a 100% targeted influential effect upon the mind to the body in many circumstances. Hypnosis (more accurately referred to as hypnotherapy - the use of hypnosis for therapy) is especially useful because it helps switch of the conscious part of the mind and initiates direct connection with subconscious and unconscious parts. This basally means that when you go into a deep enough level of hypnosis, you are able to access and give direct suggestion to the parts of your mind not usually accessible during normal waking life. Under hypnosis you can say things which are more readily absorbed by the deeper levels of your mind. This is of course very different then just going up to someone who is full alert and awake and making suggestions to them, which will most likely not be as strongly implemented. Of course, when something is said or done enough times at a conscious level (usually hundreds or thousands of times) change can be implemented purely due to the regularity of the suggestion - e.g. a child being told that they are fat everyday for years will probably end up being fat.

So through hypnotherapy you can introduce new ways of doing things or initiating different responses than what would normally happen. This is particularly helpful if what normally happens is not necessarily a positive thing. When applied directly to the way the unconscious mind controls the body, this is how hypnotherapists can make changes for physical purposes. Below are some examples of medical/scientific studies that have shown this to happen...

Hypnosis Helps Physical Symptoms of Cancer Patients
- (Rick Collingwood & Nathan Elliot)

This clinically monitored trial was actually conducted by a long-time colleague and the person who I learnt much of what I know about hypnosis today from -  Rick Collingwood. It showed significant improvements in nausea, diarrhoea, appetite, fatigue and other physical symptoms from subjects who were being treated for cancer.

Man has surgery with no anesthesia - only hypnosis
- (CBS news report)

This news article is particularly interesting and outlines how a man went under the surgeons knife with no anesthetic - only having been put into a deep state of hypnosis. This is a perfect example of the mind-body connection as pain is the mental response to physical injury, and to override this illustrates a great significance. If you google 'hypnosis anaesthesia' you will see many hundreds of similar results - this is just one example of many.

Hypnosis Helps Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome
- (Magnus Simren, MD, of Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Journal of BioBehavioral Medicine)

In this report they reported: "CONCLUSION: Hypnotherapy reduces the sensory and motor component of the gastrocolonic response in patients with irritable bowel syndrome. These effects may be involved in the clinical efficacy of hypnotherapy in IBS."

There are literally thousands of reports similar to these from official sources available for viewing. The above are simply just a few to illustrate the research and results that has been done into this field. Specific to what I do - I have a previous blog about the scientific studies related to hypnosis and breast growth summarized here - evidence of hypnotherapy for breast enlargement


I hope that this blog has shed some light on the mind-body connection for you, and answered any questions you may have on exactly what is that I do and how it works better. If you would like to view my catalog of hypnotherapy recordings - some of these are specifically designed to influence the mind-body connection - please click here.

- Giovanni Lordi