Men Who Stare At Goats

Man with crystal ball

I don't know whether remote viewing is really possible - I know it is not scientifically proven but I also know that I have seen some very interesting things over the years in relation to this.

Truth be known that the movie is truly based on real life happenings. If you ever get the chance I recommend seeing the original documentary which inspired the movie called "The Crazy Rulers of the World" Episode One "The Men Who Stare at Goats". It is true that the US military spent a lot of resources, time and money investing in Psy-Ops and Remote Viewing sectors in the army and there was a section called the "First Earth Army" which in the movie was depicted. It was most definitely a direct response to the Russian's endeavors in this same field just to make sure the US was 'up to speed' on these new military tactics.

The Russians have been synonymous over the years with brainwashing, psychic influence and other 'not so nice' use of mental warfare. Although some of what they did in regards to hypnosis was extremely powerful, I have a serious problem with how this affects hypnotists like myself in what we try to do on a daily basis. What the Russians and the Germans did, combined with the movie Men Who Stare at Goats is either 1. Develop a complete negative connotation towards hypnosis, and more importantly hypnotherapy, as an evil brainwashing type of practice and 2. Is undermine the practical use of hypnosis for more positive purposes. Here are a few reasons why I believe in this so strongly:

1. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis is scientifically proven and endorsed by the world's leading medical associations

2. 99.9999% of the practicing hypnotists out there are responsible, good willed people just wanting to make a living out of legitimately helping people

3. When properly performed hypnosis gives the power to the individual - it does not brainwash them into doing something they would not normally do

4. The comedy aspect portrayed towards hypnosis through the movie and also through the stage hypnotists completely undermines the effectiveness as a true healing modality

Don't get me wrong, I really loved the movie, but I did not form my entire opposition towards it based on what I saw and I think it is shame that so many people do. In regards to psychic phenomena and remote viewing - well I would like to see how it unfolds in the next 10 - 20 even 30 years. Maybe one day science will provide an explanation for the things I have seen in respect to this and I would be very interested to see how. As for being able to stop the heart of a goat simply by focusing mental energy, well I am just not sure also but it is definitely on the more 'strange' side of things.