Making More Positive Decisions More Simpler

Confused man with post it notes
Your mind always goes to the past and the future.

Based on your past experiences and your emotional state it will create your future. This is why we often experience a lot of self–talk.

People that have a lot of bad experiences and are stuck in a negative pattern will always judge and look for faults. This comes with negative emotions. Just by changing the way that we perceive the past, because every experience has both sides of the coin, we can change we feel in the present and thus move into the future.

An example of this is that our minds will always take one of three paths (without going too deep into the psychology behind this):

Negative Path

Path of destruction - everything that you don’t want you will get.

This is typified by:

  • Fears attached
  • Become more controlling in a negative way
  • Frustration and anger
  • High expectations

Neutral Path

Confusion and lack of direction - you will always stay still not knowing where you fit in or which path to take.

This is typified by:

  • Procrastination
  • Don’t care as much
  • Indecision
  • Continuous searching

Positive Path

Continue to move forward creating your life for the positive - create your goals and what you want and your mind ill also create this for you.

This is typified by:

  • Reinforced direction
  • Goal Setting and accomplishing
  • Remaining calm & focused
  • Knowing everything always works out

Practical techniques to make better decisions

1. When you are feeling negative, jump up and down in the air and do the opposite of whatever you are thinking

2. Take time out and meditate or experience deep relaxation – keeping your goals in mind

3. With Self talk always make sure that your self talk is resolving any negatives, finding new ways of doing things.

4. Verbally or mentally inside your mind, tell yourself that the old ways are over and this is our new direction

5.When questioning yourself, always be mindful of the question that you ask yourself so you can always get the best solution. When using the word “Why” ina question, always be mindful of the words you use after it. Always use positive contexts after the word why - for example:

Don’t Do: Why does this bad stuff always happen to me?

Do: Why am I such a great person?

6. When questioning negative situations ask yourself: 

"What is the reason this is happening to me”

This way you search for the solution rather then focus on the problem.

By consciously adopting some of these techniques, you will soon realize that your decision making process and ultimate path you choose will always be more positive. Do this enough times thinking a about it consciously and you will soon turn this into a pattern subconsciously where you don’t even have to think about. 

Simple, yet very effective.

We have a specific Hypnosis MP3 for Better Decisions available on our other site to help you with this if oyu are interested.