Our Hypnosis Background Sound Format

Soundwave illustration

We use a special combination of different sounds layered underneath the spoken hypnosis track to enhance the hypnotic experience of all the programs. This effect is known as brainwave entrainment and we will go into that a bit later in this article. First of all on each of the hypnosis CDs or MP3s in our catalog, we use a special combination of the following sounds:

1. An Isochronic Theta Rhythm

This is simply a refined version of the classic theta rhythm sound wave. Put simply, it is a repetitive sound wave that helps relax the brain into theta. (read more about theta). More specifically it is a sine wave that pulsates at the rate of 7hz which is optimum to entrain the listener's brain into theta. This is completely safe and in fact we initially tested this using an EEG machine which showed excellent results instating trance. It is also Isochronic, meaning that unlike Binaural Beats which you may have heard of, you can still experience the full effects without having to use headphones.

2. A Continuous F Sharp Frequency

This part of the soundtrack is just a low note in the key of F Sharp which gently underlays each recording. It also helps instate a deep hypnotic trance and is a key ingredient in the overall relaxation element in each CD or MP3. The actual note F Sharp has many interesting attributes and occurrences:

  1. The Shamanic Flute is predominantly in the key of F Sharp
  2. The earth resonates at a very sub-audible frequency of F Sharp
  3. The Tibetan monks predominant chant is in F Sharp (this is the 'ohhhmmm' sound)
  4. The Egyptian pyramids also resonate a F Sharp frequency

Some say this note, in all it's different octaves, possesses mystical powers and science has shown that it has many interesting occurrences. We just find it to be the optimal frequency for helping achieve a deeper trance to help our programs work better.

3. A Surf Beach Recorded in High Quality Stereo

The sound of the ocean is indeed a very relaxing force. We included it in on our CDs because of this and specifically chose a gentle day with small evenly spaced waves to record it. layered subtly in the background of every program, this sound is designed to create an ambient feeling and to also enhance the trance effect.

Combining these 3 sound elements into a special hypnotic mix is something that took quite some time to perfect. It was the result of many trials and responses from different people and the end result proved to enhance trance and deep relaxation when listened through headphones or speakers.

So the question is; what is so important about achieving deep trance in relation to these programs and what is brainwave entrainment?

Deeper Trance = Better Results?

Although this not necessarily always the case with hypnosis in general, with reference to the sexual hypnosis CDs/Mp3s on this site, this is actually quite vital. By utilizing the soundtrack to help enhance deeper states of relaxation it is possible to help access deeper parts of one's subconscious mind and to override those deep seeded negative patterns and associations that so often cause sexual issues.

Achieving deeper relaxation also helps eliminate any conscious critical judgment about the nature of these programs, which like it or not, is often met with skepticism and an almost humorous association. To allow the programs to do their job properly it is just important to flow with the session and switch off as much as possible. A key element to achieving this is Brainwave Entrainment through the hypnotic soundtrack.

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Our brains adopt somewhat of a 'monkey see, monkey do' approach when it comes to how we process different sounds and frequencies. By using specific sound techniques to match the specific frequencies that the brain operates in under different states of consciousness it is possible to entrain the brain to operate at these same levels. Once again if you are unsure about the different states of mind it is useful to read this article on the different states of mind.

To cut a long story short the theta rhythm in the recordings pulsates at 7Hz which is the same range as our predominant brainwaves in the theta realm. Therefore this rhythm contained on each of the CDs or MP3s will actually help entrain your brain into the theta realm.

What this all means for you, the listener, is that it is easy to achieve deep relaxation using these programs. Just sit back or lie comfortably, switch off to any distractions and enjoy the experience of deep trance and all the fantastic benefits that it will bring on so many different levels.