How to Hypnotize Yourself

Man hypnotizing himself

Can We Hypnotize Ourselves?

Of course we can. You may be asking why we sell CDs and MP3s if we can all do it ourselves for free. Well the answer is that learning how to hypnotize yourself can take a long time and using the recordings helps you understand what it is like to be under hypnosis and how to get there.

The hypnotic trance is a wonderful phenomena and something that everyone can experience. Some people are more easy to hypnotize then others, and this applies to hypnotizing one's self too. One thing I will say is that it is much easier to experience hypnosis through a guided hypnotherapy recording, special music or frequencies for trance such as white noise or binaural beats or even through some other specialized products out there. For some people it is as easy as getting a relaxing massage or even being in the company of someone who speaks very slow and boring (everyone had a teacher who did this to them at some time in early6 school).

The art of self hypnosis is essentially to be able to put yourself into a hypnotic trance and whilst in that state, to be able to control your thoughts and ideas for a greater purpose. If you see a hypnotist for a personal session or use a guided hypnotherapy recording, they will put you in trance and then give you direct suggestion through their voice. Self hypnosis is being able to do this on your own accord without the guided voice.

It took me a long time, but I am proud to say that I can use self hypnosis quite effectively now on myself. Usually I put on some special music to get into the trance state, but once I am under I have more control over my subconscious thoughts and basically 'step into my dreams' so to speak. Although it is not really a dream at all, being under true hypnosis should mean that you are in the Theta realm. Self meditation for example is a little easier as it is usually concerned with the Alpha state of mind wherein there is much more conscious awareness then Theta. I wrote another blog if you are interested in learning about the states of mind

The trick to true self hypnosis is to understand how your two minds work and to control your own state of trance. I wrote another article on how the human mind works which is also useful reading. It can be beneficial before you start a self hypnosis session to say aloud or just inside your own mind over and over a few times what it is that you want to achieve with the session. For example, a good conscious affirmation for a sexual condition could be: "I Enjoy Sex, I Am Confident, I Love My Partner, I Love Myself". Something like this would be useful if you have a fear of sex which is perhaps resulting in the inability to orgasm or maintain an erection. This is generally speaking, but you can adapt these short, sharp conscious affirmations (always in the first person) to your own needs.

Doing this leaves a residual idea of what the self hypnosis session is trying to achieve. Almost play out a journey inside your mind and try to keep that picture or storyline there.

The next step is to instate trance into yourself. I find the sound of Theta Rhythm to work best for me played through headphones, but there is a variety of other recorded products and self techniques that can help. For instance it is possible to hypnotize yourself by slowly counting back in your mind from 10 to 1, getting slower and slower with each count. Then try to clear your head, let your mind wander and begin to see a picture of somewhere you find relaxing. Try to visualize this picture, yet at the same time let your thoughts run where they need to. Try to imagine the touch, smell, feeling and sounds that relax you in that place and then almost play out a little story in your mind. Everyone is different but many people after doing this for 5 minutes or so will enter into the Alpha state of mind.

The trick here is to really let go of your conscious thoughts and let your imagination take hold, yet at the same time try to keep your goal in mind so as to almost base your ensuing journey on something central to this idea. For example at this point you may try to imagine you are with your sexual partner somewhere that is comfortable for you. If you are still at your first place and you wish your partner to be there in that same place - that is fine. But if you need to change places then just do this at your own pace until you are comfortable and feel at ease with your partner.

Then just try to really let go of any conscious thought and within your mind just let it flow into a happy place where you begin to explore your partner and you feel comfortable and become less aware of what is around you in the real world and try to enter into that relaxed state of semi slumber. Just keep going and flow with whatever comes to you, but if possible, try not to let anything negative enter your thoughts.

All of this is simply an example of self hypnosis and self visualization for becoming more confident sexually. The purpose and the way that you do it will always be unique to you. It is impossible to find an exact way that will work for everyone all of the time.

This is where the key to self hypnosis lies - to understand your own inner mind, what makes you relax and to have the ability to transfer conscious desire to subconscious 'journeying' so to speak. Some people spend years mastering this. For instance you may have heard the saying: "Meditate deeper then a Zen Monk". Some Monks spend their whole life mastering the art of self meditation and self hypnosis and they are most definitely capable of reaching the deepest realms of theta and sometimes even Delta without any other assistance. This takes years however for most people and it always about learning about yourself and how you react.

Some Music That is Good For Self Hypnosis

If you are just beginning on a  journey of learning how to hypnotize yourself and experience trance then I highly recommend exploring some of the various meditation music CDs or MP3 available. There are many different types out there, but the best recommendation is to find a free sample of a product and try it out before you buy.

Everyone is different but here are a few audio techniques that are on some CDs and MP3s out there that you can Google and find an example that clicks with you and makes you experience deep relaxation and trance easy:

White and Pink Noise
Binaural MP3s
Theta, Alpha and Delta Rhythm
Nature Recordings - surf, birds, rainforest, streams or water sounds
Meditation music
Flute Music

Some Advice for Beginners on Self Hypnosis

Once you can master your own subconscious journey to elevate your deeper mind to a new and more beneficial level, you can truly achieve some absolutely phenomenal personal results. So my advice if you are a beginner and want to learn how to hypnotize yourself:

1. Start regularly using some guided hypnosis or deep meditation CDs or MP3s to experience trance
2. Try some special background music without words to experiment on where you can go personally
3. Keep exploring and trying to do it all on your own and go deeper and deeper

Practice makes perfect, and to master self hypnosis takes a lot of practice for most people.