How Our Mind Works

Man thinking

As humans, we seem to be more obsessed about learning about everything that is around us, but how often do most of us really take time to learn about ourselves. I mean really learn about the 'nuts and bolts' of how we work. Our minds are the control center of how we work, yet how much do we really know about them?. I mean our minds control our perceptions, governs and initiates physical functioning of the bodies systems and governs our actions or reactions to any given circumstance.

Your mind is an intricate piece of biological machinery, a community of 6 trillion cells more or less. These 6 trillion cells ultimately control a greater community of 60-70 trillion cells which are your body. In 2010, we still have much to learn about exactly how the brain works or what it is actually fully capable of. What we do know is that the human mind regulates the body and all of it's systems and characteristics. Many progressive scientists actually refer to the body as the greater mind in that they believe that things like DNA mean that that each cell has it's own memory so to speak.

Many scientists also actually believe that every cell in the body is regenerated and replaced within every 7 years. Much school of thought believes this is why people can truly change over time in that their core being is literally fully replaced within this time period.This is interesting if you apply it to a serial killer who has been in jail for 7 years, felt remorse and then after a great deal of time believes that he is a 'completely different person'. Could it be that he has actually literally changed both physically and also mentally?

Further to this you then have scientists such as Bruce Lipton, who was once one of the world's leading molecular biologists and was in the founding team that developed stem cell research. His philosophies are now based around the fact that the cells in your body can be physically manipulated and changed according to different changes in emotions and your environment. Popular scientific belief is that physical change can only be initiated through physical forces - for example contact with nuclear radiation causing cancer cells to develop. What people like Bruce are devoting their life to prove is that the power of love and other top level emotions are capable of implementing physical change in our bodies also. For example the loss of a loved one and the sadness that follows may also cause cancer to develop or death to soon follow through other illness. It is an interesting train of thought - I know so many elderly couples who have been together for so many years and as soon one passes away the other follows soon thereafter. Some say a lonely heart and some say emotional affliction manifesting in physical response...

The point of this being is that such is the complexity of the human mind that I am always open when I hear about alternative theories and new research. I have seen too many 'strange' things happen during my line of work to think that things outside of the physical realm can not have effects on our physical bodies. In fact it was this that really led me to explore the possibilities of hypnosis on the body.

The subconscious, or unconscious mind as it is also commonly referred to, is where the autonomous processes of the body are always being regulated and occurring from. This part of the mind is controlling thousands of different processes at any one time without us really even being aware that they are happening. For example controlling our breathing patterns, our response to injury, controlling the immune system etc. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is unique in that enables a skilled hypnotist to actually communicate and put forth ideas to the subconscious mind, the same part of the mind responsible for controlling the body. Add into this mix the effect that emotions can play on the body and the fact that hypnotherapy is able to directly target and change emotional patterns and you have a seriously interesting platform to think about here.

The subconscious mind responds best to simple instructions and particularly to metaphors. By communicating with the correct language patterns and instructional sets to the deeper mind, I and many other scientists believe, that you can therefore communicate with the body and bring about change. In saying this it is vital that deep hypnosis be instigated and the conscious mind be completely distracted and the client be transitioned into the theta and even delta states of mind. This is imperative to ensure that the message is being delivered to the deepest part of the subconscious mind to bring about the maximum chance of physical result.

For instance, a very skilled hypnotist can temporarily numb the pain receptors to a point where many local surgeries can be performed under hypnosis without anesthesia. This is powerful documented stuff we are dealing with here. Direct suggestion or an idea that is taken upon by an individual and made to be completely 100% made to feel real can manifest in physical change. This is evident by the continuos incidence of placebos in medical trials actually bringing documented physical change and recovery. Such is the power of proper direct and indirect suggestion that is believed by the individual on every level, it can bring about some phenomenal physical changes and results.

This is the core of the more 'physically orientated' titles in my CD, MP3 collection and I think, best explains some of the results that I have seen first hand happen over the many years I have been performing hypnosis. The modern world is definitely experiencing a shift in consciousness at present and many people are looking to Eastern and more ancient and natural medicines and remedies to cure illness. Much of what I have spoke about was actually realized and prevalent in many ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and the Greeks. Now we are seeing a resurgence in exploring the possibilities of the mind and of the so called 'impossible'. I would love to be around in 50 years time to see how it all develops, but for the time being, I am happy to be a part of something new, exciting and groundbreaking.