Following Through New Years Resolutions

Young people celebrating new year's

Well 2013 is here, and thankfully after all the hype and nonchalance about the 2012 predictions we are all still here :) Now we can all get back to business and begin to focus on changing those things in our life we have been thinking about for a while. In this blog I am sharing some of my tips on how to make your New Year's resolutions stick.

Tip 1: If you fail at first - don't give up

This is really important. Society (especially in school) seems to teach us that if we fail something that we are not good enough. This is simply not true. If we fail something then it just means that we needed more time or that we were not properly interested in it in the first place. Therefore it is important to make sure that you are setting realistic goals and that you really want to change whatever it is that your New Year resolution is. If you don't make it at first, just dust yourself off and get back on the horse again so to speak. If you want it bad enough you will get there in the end.

Tip 2: Your mind is like a car - give it direction & it will reach it's destination

Your mind is capable of so much but it needs to have a destination to get to where you need to be. Once it has this direction it really is much easier. Some people call it manifestation, others call it the laws of the universe, but the key here is to visualize your end result of whatever it is that your resolution is set to change. Develop a clear picture inside your mind of you achieving that resolution - whether it be you sitting at the bar not wanting a smoke, or a picture of you in that small dress after you lose weight. Keep this picture with you at all times, especially before you go to sleep at night, and when the going gets tough, as it will help you stay on track.

Tip 3: Be aware of the differences in your conscious & subconscious patterns

Although it is often difficult to pinpoint things at a subconscious level, just try to look a little deeper here. Often over time we develop patterns of excuses, or justification which seem to override our conscious desire to achieve change. Subconsciously when things get too tough (the subconscious can be very lazy at times), it will develop excuses or try to justify reasons why it is best to just give up. This can in effect trick you into consciously making a decision or action based on these patterns. Be aware of this and realize that to effect proper change you must positively align your thought and action process both consciously and subconsciously otherwise you are pushing water uphill.

Tip 4: Willpower is like a glass of water - once it is empty it needs to be filled up again

Relying solely on willpower is very hard to achieve change at times. The best thing to do is really be aware of what is required to change your lifestyle so that you can achieve your New Year's goals. For example if you are a smoker try to find a replacement for smoking cigarettes - like going to the gym, drinking some water, or doing something else that you like to occupy the time. Doing this you preserve your limited amount of willpower by occupying your time so you are not always thinking about what it is that you are trying to change.

In Conclusion

Anything that is worth doing is never easy. Just really be aware of the above tips and always think about the end result. If you do this, not only will be able to achieve your New Year resolution, but you will also be mastering yourself more as a person. From there you can make other changes in your life and really become the master of your own destiny simply by mastering the way that you think.